Causing fear and unease.

             Mysterious, freaky, weird, uncanny, unsettling, eerie.

                     Unnatural. Unearthly.


Spooky Geology is a science-based look at mysterious earth phenomena, geologic anomalies, and the endless weird ideas about rocks and the earth that are a bit abnormal, paranormal, or supernatural.

Claims and topics examined to include:

  • Earth energies – Dowsing, ley lines, crystals, electromagnetism, vortices
  • Natural anomalies – ringing rocks, moving rocks, exploding rocks, singing sands, spontaneous reactions, quicksand, sinkholes
  • Earthquake-related phenomena – EQ lights, myths, EQ sounds, precursors, Tectonic strain theory
  • Anomalous preservation – Fossilized death, environmental recording of emotions, animals entombed in rock, out of place artifacts and tracks
  • Alternative Geology – Flat, Hollow, and Young Earth, Atlantis, Lemuria, sunken cities, Creationism
  • Catastrophism – World flood myths, pole shifts, End Times, how the earth can kill you
  • Paranormal Geology – “Devil” places, cursed places, geology and ghosts
  • Mysteries – Gravity hills, unexplained sounds, ghost lights, disappearances, mass deaths, healing waters
  • Miscellaneous geologic weirdness