Weird Objects and Landforms

This category includes all manner of natural objects or geomorphic features of the earth with strange and surprising qualities that appear non-natural, out-of-place, or imbued with special powers. These objects are said to be of mysterious origin or perhaps deliberately designed by an unknown power or people. Often the objects are venerated and have elaborate stories attached to them including that of being good luck charms or evil omens. Unusual objects are popular in Fortean discussions, a label named for Charles Fort who made a life’s work out of cataloging various anomalous events and objects that appear to be outside of standard scientific explanations, so-called “damned data”. In many descriptions of these objects or anomalies, a superficial and fantastic explanation is preferred over the more difficult or involved scientific conclusion, which is not as widely promoted or understood. Extraordinary geologic features or locations where these unusual characteristics are found may be considered sacred places. Examples of these objects and features include concretions, OOParts, animals entombed in stone, extraordinary preservation of fossils, healing crystals, magical stones, singing sands, and unique rock formations.

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