Secrets, Myths and Legends

“Earth mysteries” is a broad category of marvels and anomalies associated with the earth and seemingly outside of scientific understanding or rejected by mainstream academics. According to some, the earth still holds secrets, some of which can be tapped into by a gifted few via ancient or occult knowledge. Many of these mysteries are linked to ideas of an unmeasurable “energy” and explained by their proponents in terms of “frequency,” “vibrations,” and “fields.” This unharnessed energy can be guiding or healing, for good or evil and may be influenced by divine or demonic powers. Examples such as leys (ley lines) or dowsing invoke concepts of arteries or veins of this subtle energy traveling through the earth. Certain places are said to be crossroads of these flowlines or concentrated areas of this mystical energy which causes people to experience paranormal or spiritual events at the locations. A popular narrative is that the ancients knew of the special powers of these locations and placed monuments there, or that the mysterious events reported to be connected to the area can be attributed to the “energy”. These ideas are beloved by popular media and to those longing for a more “enchanted” world beyond what science can describe. Techniques that invoke earth energies are touted as being superior to today’s technology. Many of the spectacular explanations for anomalies such as unusual lights, sounds or strange characteristics of a place, are misconstructions of the way nature works or observations that are misperceived as paranormal instead of natural.

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