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Putrid pit of dinosaur corpses

A recent find of a fossilized death assemblage tells a graphic story of mass death. Remains of 46 allosaurs and some 25 other dinosaurs were found clustered together in what was probably a smelling rotting pile before being buried by sediment and fossilized.

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Haunted rocks: The Stone Tape theory

The “stone tape theory” is frequently used as a sciencey-sounding explanation to explain residual hauntings – appearances of images, sounds, and apparitions that do not interact directly with people. The premise is that the rock or building materials somehow record the event and play it back like a film. But they never asked a geologist about it.

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Psychometry in geology

Psychometry – the ability to measure the “soul” – was used in the mid-19th century to “read” the history of rocks. One geologists believed it could revolutionize the field as certain sensitive people could receive psychic impressions from objects.

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Darvaza: Gate to Hell

The Darvaza crater in Turkmenistan is a pit formed after a mistake by exploratory drillers. Fueled by natural gas, it’s been impossible to extinguish and has been called a “gate to hell”. More appropriately, it’s been a gateway to tourist dollars.

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Dowsing: Witching for water

Dowsing (water divining or water witching) doesn’t work any better than chance or through use of surface clues. So why does it still spark heated arguments and create once-skeptical converts even today? Does it still have a place in modern well drilling?

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