Spooky Geology is a science-based look at mysterious earth phenomena, geologic anomalies, and the endless weird ideas about rocks and the earth that are a bit abnormal, paranormal, or supernatural.

Spooky:   Causing fear and unease; mysterious, freaky, weird, uncanny, unsettling, eerie; unnatural, unearthly.


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These are in-depth posts or series of posts on a special topic:

Earthquake Lights: People report lights associated with earthquakes? Are they real and what creates them?

Stone Tape Theory: Many paranormal investigators propose this idea to explain hauntings. Does it make sense?

Leylines: Are there lines of energy recognized by ancient people? Are these lines and their intersections an explanation for strange phenonmena?

Devil Places: Hundreds of places are named after the Devil. Take a tour and see why.

Mimetoliths: Why do we see faces in places?

Quicksand: How afraid should we be of quicksand?

Mystery booms: Reports of mysterious booms or skyquakes rock communities every few weeks. What causes them?

Mystery Spots: Locations are marketed to tourists as being magnetic anomalies or “gravity hills”. What’s going on here?

Dowsing: So many people claim they have the power to magically “find” water, metals, or whatever they desire. How can this work?

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Created and written by Sharon A. Hill – geologist and anomalies researcher.

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