The Earth will kill you. It splits, shakes, sinks, shifts, melts and erupts. It exhales a suffocating breath. If you are lucky, it may preserve you. Of course, these are only records of death that we place in museums to examine and contemplate  – desiccated, eyeless, skeletal. Or, the unlucky are entombed. Sometimes, they survive, trapped, like a strange out of place artifact. Lithified. Geology, the study of the earth, can be a little unnerving. Even spooky. Therefore, I bring you the intersection of geology and the mysterious – Spooky Geology.

The world was not made for us. But sometimes, it seems that it was. The many stories of creation are allegories for how nature creates, changes, and destroys the planet by water, wind, heat and cold. Scientific research can tell us how this likely comes about, but Nature is mischievous. There are puzzles that are not readily solved where the explanation remains mysterious.

The rock and the land holds secrets of the past and of deep time, some people think it holds memories. The rock and water act like a tape, they say, preserving outbursts of emotion and pain to play back later.

Certain locations have an eerie “sense of place” due to, at least in part, the special geological conditions. The phenomena sometimes are frightening. The Oracles, or prophetesses, breathed the fumes issuing from the fissures, entered a frenzied state, and heard the Gods. The sky booms, balls of light rise like specters and float away.

Does the earth have a guiding or healing energy?

Does the devil favor certain places? Do spirits live in the black caverns and mines?

Is there really a gate to hell? According to legend, there are many, and certain spots feel, look and smell like it.

The rocks ring, glow, burst into flame, and explode.

Some say it is the end of time. The poles will flip, the catastrophes will worsen. In the end, we all become dust and return to the earth from where we came.

My intent with this blog is to explore the human ideas of haunted earth, mysterious natural phenomena, and strange anomalies. From ancient geomythology to modern “signs of the times”, from the atmospheric to the center core, there are hundreds of topics that fit under this spooky label. Let’s have some fun.

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