A fun collection of rocks that look like food.

I’ve been gathering pics of rock and mineral specimens that look remarkably like edibles. Have fun with this parade of yummy-looking rocks that resemble meat, sweets, fruits and vegetables, and other fixings.

Here’s a piece of “fried chicken” made famous on Instagram. Photo credit: Amelia Rude Instagram/@unbeadableenergies
Waxy luster is reminiscent of raw fish. From the display called “Rock Food Table” by Bill and Lois Pattillo.
A roast. Also from “Rock Food Table” by Bill and Lois Pattillo.
Crusty bread rock. Source unknown.
Fruit slices. Sold by LovingThyselfRocks.
Wulfenite “toffee”. Source unknown
Slab of “meat” that is actually petrified wood from Arizona. Sold in local shop.
Table and benches made of raw meat. That is, rose quartz. Source unknown.

Yummy Rocks – Part 1
Yummy Rocks – Part 3

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