A fun collection of rocks that look like food.

I’ve been gathering pics of rock and mineral specimens that look remarkably like edibles. Have fun with this parade of yummy-looking rocks that resemble meat, sweets, fruits and vegetables, and other fixings.

Botryoidal purple chalcedony. Source unknown (mineral retailer).
Egg rock. Appears to be porous limestone, perhaps a fossil sponge with a weathered outer crust. Source: Reddit user JB_v1
Pizza agate. Source unknown but appeared on Reddit several years ago.

There are countless examples of rocks that look like meat. They resemble beef so much that a reverse image search will identify the picture as beef. Typically the rocks are jasper stone or red marble. When wet, they resemble fresh meat.

Source unknown.
Wetting the rocks enhances the color and makes them look more like flesh. Source unknown.
“Forbidden steak”. Possibly jasper with weathered rind. Source unknown.
Check out that marbling! Source unknown.
This “steak” appears to be a slice of a sandstone cobble colored by iron. Source unknown.
Huge steak! Outcrop at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota.

Finally, I finish off this part 3 with a collection of watermelon tourmaline – a stunning stone with a pink center that shades to bright green. It resembles juicy candy, jellies, or slices of fruit.

Yummy Rocks – Part 1

Yummy Rocks – Part 2

Send me examples and maybe there will be a Part 4!

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